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At Team #17969 we are always in need of parts for our robot. Below we have a Wish List of parts and expenses needed for this year's season. If you would like to donate, please press the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page to let us know. We graciously accept all donations.

Monetary Donations are always appreciated and used towards 

Season Registration

Tournament Registrations

Team Travel

Team Grub

Robot Parts


Robot Parts

All prices are individual

Mecanum Wheels (4) 

2.50" Length, 1/4" OD Round 

5202/3/4 Series Yellow Jacket

Odometry Pods (3) $400

Filament Various Amounts $50-∞

High Priority

Andy Mark Field Perimeter and Tiles $659+$259 (tiles)=$918

Game field (price varies per year)

Qualifier Registration x2 $150/each

State Competition $175

Team Shirts $800

Food/Supplies for team $500

Our season fundraising goal is $5000.00

Any amount you can contribute is appreciated :)

Wish List: About
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